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Caroline, 20 years old, hopeful concept artist, animator in training. I draw mostly akuroku fanart, but from time to time I draw some supernatural, naruto, pokemon, pokefusion, nintendo, legend of zelda, disney fanart (and more.) And some of my own personal stuff. Deal with it kbai xox
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aaah just a little update to say that I still have one request for the colour palette thingy to do for roxaswearspants, I didn’t forget you!! I’m really busy with assignments this week, but I’ll get on that as soon as I can.

It’ll be the last one colour palette drawing until I feel like doing them again

8xel whispered: Axel crying + 17, please!



This was painful to draw, thanks 8xel ;___; 
(but seriously tho, I hope you like it!!)

valiushtha whispered: KIMIMARO WITH PALETTE 4 U NERD <3

Hope you like it nerd balou <3



In honor of reaching 200 followers~

Special thanks to all the people I have met on here. You guys are all fantastic.

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Ahhh what an honor!! Thank youu and congratulations!!

stormycas whispered: ey carrotte, peux-tu me dessiner un dean winchester avec les couleurs du #18? svp et merci beaucoup xox u suck

ey karine here’s your dean winchester, hope you like it (you better) xoxo

maneatingbunnies whispered: Ayyyyyyyyyy guurlllllll Vanitas please with color palatte numbah 8 :)

oops I went overboard with this one because I love vanitas and I was listening to post-hardcore music so….. :D

conigliomannaro whispered: Hello! for the palette thingy, would you like to do an akuroku piece in palette 2 or 13? Thank you <3

Of course! :) 
I tried so hard to make it work for the both of them, hopefully you like it !! <3